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Take Advantage of Your Morning Mind

Mornings are an opportunity to do your planning, creating, and making progress on your biggest business goals. If you’re waking and jumping straight into your business routine, then you’re missing this golden hour of creative opportunity. Let’s look at how to take your mornings back.

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Focus on Progress and Not Perfection

We all get overwhelmed as entrepreneurs. It may be something tangible, like not having enough cash-flow to solve a current need, but it can be something more abstract. Has an idea got its claws clenched tightly round your noggin’? You may have to think about that for a moment.

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No Fancy Cake: Avoiding Cruft in Design

When entrepreneurs design their websites, it’s all to easy to fall into a seductive trap of shiny buttons, fancy fonts, and colorful graphics. Decorating your site without a clear focus on message—your actual words—is a sure-fire way to loose time, money, and the most precious commodity, your audience’s attention.

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