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Create Electric Content

Electricity shocks, sparks, buzzes and crackles. So to does electric content. It grabs your attention, holds it, and runs a charge through you. It makes you tingle.

If you want to grow your tribe, build your group of true fans and connect with them on a meaningful level, then tap into the electricity we share. Find that energy; it’s everywhere—in me and in you.

Look at the broad currents—the grid that the electric travels on, across trends and through desires. Watch all these sparks move, gather, and collect. Put your hand on the wire of conception and interest—feel it vibrate.

Let it propel your creative output, pushing your best ideas forward, while completing a circuit that connects your audience to your message.

Let’s look at how.

Color the Electric as Bright Cerulean Blue

We have hidden uniqueness—waiting to be discovered. The electric is in us.

There is untapped electricity inside you. You can tap into it. Plug a wire into your heart and let the current out. Share it.

You have knowledge that if released would change lives. Those crazy life experiences, that time you almost died haphazardly, that project you lost weeks of sleep over, there are people that would benefit from those stories.

Where is the electric in you? What memories trigger when you wake up in the middle of the night? What passions are so strong that you are obsessed with them; you can’t not do them? What drives you? You can electrify your content by tapping into the energy inside you.

It isn’t enough to make useful content, not if it’s boring. It’s not enough to create unimaginative, ineffective, mediocre solutions. Or do what everyone else is doing—emulating them ad nauseam. Trying to break into a niche without innovation, it’s like trying to tap into the dead wires of an old house.

Instead, you need your own brand of juice. Your own crackling blue energy, and not just blue, but bright cerulean blue—your blue.

Journal daily, experiment whimsically, and produce wildly to pull on the threads within you. Search until you find that authentic core deep inside you, then dig deeper. There is energy there.

Speak with your voice. Write with your hands. Produce with your process. Create with your mind. Color ideas with what is undeniably you. Your life, your experiences, your ideas, they matter. They make a difference.

They connect the real you with the electric.

Touch the Electric

Electricity is a charge that runs through us. It beats in our hearts and travels through our veins. It fires the synapse of our brains, lighting up the wires that make us think, compelling us to action—releasing energy upon the world.

Any interest we have, any passion, any craving, is shared. Someone else has a similar interest and a desire to connect. There is energy in every connection.

These connections form into electric pathways between us. Your website is part of this grid. The content that you create are the wires that connect you to your audience.

We can touch the electricity of a trend. A new Apple product comes out, it’s sparkling with so much vibrancy. There is energy in everything that is successful. When a TED speaker delivers their presentation something inside you unlocks with the buzz of inspiration.

There are sparks of potential leaping form anything that is commanding attention or gaining momentum. If people care about something, if they have a passion for it, there is overflowing electricity there.

You can feel this energy.

Notice it travel along the wire. Look for those connection points where multiple wires meet—the overlap of numerous groups, ideas, and fusing interests—where the electric gathers. That’s where new opportunities are found.

Plug into those wall sockets, and where none exist, build them.

Reach out, touch this electricity, find that point where trending currents, your passions, and opportunity meet. This is where electric content comes alive. This is the point to create from.

Electric in Me, Electric in You

There is electricity in me. There is electricity in you. There are real connections between us.

We want to reach out and authentically connect. It’s how we relate to people. We find out what their interests are, what they spend their energy on, and look for overlap with what we focus our energy on. That’s where sparks form.

To build an audience, we take this connection a level deeper. We learn all about the problems our tribe has—every nuance. We find out what matters most to them. Their needs cry out into the electric.

Discover what your audience’s problems are and hone in on them; solve them. Understand their desires and speak to them. Learn their language—the terms and phrases that ring with authenticity in their ears. Listen for the electric.

If you want to grow your audience, form meaningful relationships, then work with these currents; let them run through you. Keep lists of problems that your group has. Research and provide deep resources that assist them.

With this knowledge in hand, you can amplify the solutions your provide—electrifying your content.

Turn Up the Voltage

Create content that is insanely useful, that is a game changer for your tribe’s business and life. Connect your audience with the electric.

Make sure you’re tuned into the currents. Find it and then turn up the voltage:

  • Don’t just write write seven tips, instead make it 107.
  • Break news, instead of covering a well established topic.
  • Tell a story about when you utterly failed, hit rock bottom, and lost everything; instead of telling a story about just stumbling.
  • Make a video, and not just any video, but you in underpants interviewing an expert.

Know where the energy is. Tap into it and amp it up. Write content that:

  • Solves a real problem, one that your audience is struggling with today.
  • Makes people think and inspires them to take action.
  • Solidly and undeniably is produced from a source of truth inside you.
  • Explains how to do something important to your audience, with every step grounded in real examples.
  • Gives away all your secrets as you learn them, and does so generously, with meaningful detail explained.
  • Packs in analysis, research, and quotes from experts—giving it greater context, relevance, and authority.

Create content that makes an impact; that electrifies your audience. Help them, change their lives, and make a meaningful, lasting difference. Plug into this energy, let it stimulate you, and lead by connecting.

Take your ideas and amp them up. Blow people away with your humor. Fill your blog with language that inspires. Pack your content with creative insight that could only come from you. Electrify the topics you cover. Supercharge the solutions you provide. Speak with sparks, write with energy, and create with the power inside you.

Write electric content and people will share it. Let your energy light the path. Your viewpoint, your ability to tap into the electric, let it power your way.

A big thanks to Corbett Barr for inspiring the sentiment in this post (read: “Write Epic Shit”).

Graphic Credit: Electricity designed by Ryan Oksenhorn from the Noun Project.